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West Virginia Fruit & Berry Wine (Uncle Jakes Elderberry)

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*Winner of 2022 USA Wine Ratings Competition*

*Also featured in The Washington Post*

Elderberry - Widely known for its use in medicinal benefits. This deep, dark, rich ruby red and purple in color wine is distinctive, complex, and hearty. The most unique of any of our fruit wines.  If you’e already a fan of Elderberry, then this will be the best elderberry wine you’ve tasted. If you’ve never had elderberry before, be warned - it’s definitely an acquired taste and shouldn’t be viewed as or compared to a regular style wine. 

Great for sipping, or even for a marinade for wild game and red meats. great as a digestif or aperitif.

Deep, dark, rich ruby red and purple in color, with fantastic violet nuances.  The nose is rich, fruity and aromatic notes with sweet elderberry essence.  A fresh, clean, medium sweet, massive elderberry flavor lingers on the palate.  The finish is dry, smooth and elegant.  So good and fruity, you’ll swear you’ve eaten straight from the elderberry bush! (contains sulfites)