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Stonewall Kitchen Cinnamon Apple Jelly

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Tart, crisp, Granny Smith apples, a dash of cinnamon, a few drops of brandy and a hint of lemon make our Cinnamon Apple Jelly a top seller. Our Cinnamon Apple Jelly is perfect for all breakfasts breads, makes a killer PB&J and is a sweet addition to pan juices for sautéed chicken or pork.

Details for Cinnamon Apple Jelly

Made in USA

Suggested Uses

Delicious alone or to enhance the taste of pies, tarts and crisps


12.5 oz.

Nutritional Info for Cinnamon Apple Jelly


Pure Cane Sugar, Apples (apples, ascorbic acid, salt, citric acid), Fruit Pectin (water and pectin), Water, Apple Juice Concentrate, Brandy, Lemon Juice, Malic Acid, Spices

Gluten Status

Non-Gluten Ingredients

Genetically Modified