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Reusable Flip Dish Wax Warmer Liner (Small)

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  • DESIGN: Simple white silicone made to fit any of our warmers without detracting from the style of our home decor pieces. Ideally used for Pluggable and Mid-sized Illumination warmers.
  • FEATURES: Made of silicone, which can be heated, reused and washed over and over again while remaining flexible.
  • USE: Place in warming dish, then add your favorite wax. Use warmer like normal. When you're ready to change the fragrance, allow to cool and POP OUT the cold wax. Easy!
  • SPECS: 1" tall, 2.5" diameter at top, 2" diameter at the base. Made of silicone. Silicone may take on dyes from wax, which is normal.
  • SIMPLE HOME FRAGRANCE: Don't worry about trying to scrape cold wax out of your warmer anymore! Add this to your dish every time for an easy wax-changing experience!

Make changing fragrances a breeze with our reusable silicone dish liners. Our flip dish can be placed in the warming dish of any of our fragrance warmers to make switching fragrances quick and easy. Wax melts can be added directly to the Flip Dish. When the fragrance runs out, simply allow the wax in the dish to cool, and flip the reusable dish inside out. The used wax will pop right out. Once the Flip Dish has been rinsed and dried, its ready for a new fragrance.