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LE Grand NOIR Pinot Noir 2021 Wine of France

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 Soliste Têtu – The Obstinate Soloist
Pinot Noir usually hates being blended, so it’s famously a soloist. It’s also stubborn – têtu –, about where it will reveal its unique cherry-and-raspberry flavours. Before us, no one thought of planting it in our ancient, high altitude vineyards in Southern France. Robert Joseph lived and worked for several years in Burgundy and knows how tricky it can be – and how rewarding to get right. When we began working on le Grand Noir 15 years ago, very few people imagined it was possible to make fine Pinot Noir in Languedoc – but that was also true for the pioneers of California, Oregon, New Zealand and Chile, all of whom are now making world class wines. The secret for us lay in finding a set of vineyards with varying soil, altitudes and microclimates. So, instead of finding one spot in which our soloist could play at her best, we found several – like a musician might enjoy playing in a set of different venues. We’re not trying to copy Burgundy, but we are using Burgundian winemaking techniques to make a world class Pinot Noir we are really proud of.

A very distinctive and immediately enjoyable Pinot Noir, this is a very juicy, raspberryish, cherryish wine with hints of strawberry and oak and a refreshing note of pepper.

Great by itself or to accompany a wide range of meat dishes, but could also be enjoyed with fish such as tuna or salmon.
Serving note: Would be good slightly chilled, especially in warm weather.